ChipTech specialises in the sale, distribution and installation of electronic test equipment, representing TrioTech International across its product range in the European market. We service manufacturers of electronic components and semiconductors and assist firms in the repair and re-tooling of their equipment. Further details on our full product range can be found below.

Autoclave Systems
Express Test Series I and Series II autoclave test systems offer a practical solution to the problems associated with do-it-yourself pressurised humidity testing using household pressure cookers or laboratory sterilizers. Our Series I and Series II test systems provide precise, automatic environmental control and electrical testing capability as a cost below that of many unsafe, makeshift systems presently in use. Express Test Corporation is the leading manufacturer of autoclave test systems in the US, offering a wide selection of industrial quality autoclaves, specifically designed for pressure, temperature, humidity, bias (PTHB) testing of integrated circuits and other microelectronic materials.  

Centrisafe Series
The Centrisafe series of insert-spun centrifugal accelerators has been designed to meet the growing need for high capacity, high speed, continuous duty acceleration testing. This series of centrifuges has been constructed to satisfy MIL Spec testing in both directions of the X, Y, Z axis. Uniquely identified by its quill shaft spindle assembly, these high speed, high 'G' force centrifuges offer the highest safety factor, performance ratings, insert and fixture flexibility, and reliability in the industry. The programmable key pad control feature allows operator to enter the radius and 'G' level with the system automatically calculating RPM. High performance is assured by a high torque motor design; unsurpassed 2.5 minute cycle times are yielded 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with virtually minimum maintenance support required. Providing the proper machine and the availability of over 2500 rotors and inserts assures the user of total flexibility now and in the future.

HAST Systems
The Express Test HAST-1000X and 6000X pressurised humidity test systems, offer a fast and cost effective alternative to conventional 85/85 temperature and humidity testing, for plastic encapsulated integrated circuits and other microelectronic devices. Technology leaders in the semiconductor industry have calculated that HAST is 10 to 40 times faster than conventional testing methods. This accelerated testing leads to faster characterisation, evaluation and qualification of increasingly complex microelectronic products. Express Test is the technology and market leader in HAST testing and provides turn-key solutions including systems, test boards, racks, power supplies, training and test services and has over 500 installations worldwide. The Express Test HAST systems meet and exceed the testing requirements of JEDEC Standard No. 22-A110. 

Leak Detection Bubble Testers
TrioTech are the industry leaders in complete leak detection systems, providing the industry standard for functionality and reliability. With open field, distortion free viewing and digital temperature displays, we provide a family of leak detectors to fit your specific needs. The cost saving fluorocarbon recovery hood reduces FC losses far beyond any other available system. The TrioTech Bubble Test Station uniquely combines the exacting military standard procedure with both laboratory and production test capabilities. From solid state temperature controller to crystal-clear optics, TrioTech Bubble Testers fit your microelectronic testing setup. You may choose from three standard tank sizes or custom sizes where required.

F-489 Pressurisation System
The F-489 Pressurisation System assures military standards microelectronic gross leak testing and features advanced 'closed loop' fluorinet recovery. The system is controlled by a microprocessor and programmable key pad and features a variety of chamber sizes, for bulk or stick-to-stick. Its functional design features eliminate operator error and downtime and each chamber is fully automatic and independent. With virtually maintenance free operation, the F-489 reduces costly fluorinert liquid usage, assures production continuity with on-time testing and reduces overheads due to automatic cycling.

G-400 Pressurisation System
The G-400 Pressurisation System assures military standard microelectronics gross leak testing and is designed to operate with the TrioTech G-203 Leak Detector to detect minute defects in the package seals of microelectronic components. In a two-phase sequence, the pressurisation system performs evacuation and pressurisation of components as part of a gross leak detection process. The G-400 consists of three main components; the vacuum pump, activation chamber, and the flurocarbon holding tank. Microelectronic components are soaked in a vacuum for a specified period of time. Then, while still in a vacuum, the components are preconditioned with Fluorinert Liquid FC -72 through a pressurisation cycle. Leaks, if present are actually observed during the final phase when the components are placed in the Leak Detector and emit bubbles due to the increased pressure in their cavities.

Temperature Controlled Chucks
The Atric TC Series of Temperature Controlled Chucks are used for test, characterisation and failure analysis of semiconductor wafers and other components at hot and cold temperatures. Each system comprises a temperature controlled chuck and sophisticated PID controller. Model TC2000 is provided with a cooler/heat exchanger for operation at temperatures below ambient. Models TC6000 and TC8000 are supplied with a self contained chiller. Chucks are available in 4, 6 and 8 inch diameters to accommodate wafers of difference sizes. The chucks surface is gold plated and has independent vacuum lines for holdings the wafters. The Artic Temperature Chucks have many advanced design features which ensure excellent thermal, electrical and mechanical performance with high reliability.

Additional Products
In addition to the equipment featured above, ChipTech also provides AC power-line conditioners, burn-in systems, boards and testers, BIB cleaning machines, autoloaders and unloaders and SCC socket pin contact-conditioners. For further detail on these products or any of the equipment listed above, please contact our sales team.

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