ChipTech specialises in providing bespoke solutions for design teams in Ireland and Europe through fine pitch PCB rework on a range of device types. We also provide programming and packaging services. Our clients include manufacturers of electronic devices and semiconductors, who we assist in the design, repair and rework of their components. Further details on our full range of services can be found below.

SMT Lead Conditioning
SMT lead conditioning, allows manufacturers to increase their yield by reclaiming components that have been rejected during assembly. Using precision techniques and fine pitch tooling, ChipTech can recover virtually all gull-wing, J-lead and through hole components, returning them to clients in an ‘as new’ condition. Measurement and correction of coplanarity, bent leads, sweep and pitch is performed and after-repair quality control is carried out to ensure all components meet the standards required.

PCB Component Recovery
Recovery of electronic components from damaged or redundant PCB’s can save device manufacturers both time and money. Some components are expensive and are hard to replace, putting pressure on manufacturers and distributors who face inventory demands. At ChipTech, we work closely with our clients to assess their individual needs and to identify what components should be recovered. Through the use of fine pitch tooling, we delicately remove components from their PCB’s. We prepare these components, so they can be used ‘as new’ on pick and place machines and we deliver them back to our clients so they can be used again.

Device Programming
ChipTech uses multiple programming systems to provide device programming for manufacturers, distributors and end users. Through this, a wide range of device-types and manufacturers are supported. Using the latest technology from BPM Microsystems, the leading supplier of programming equipment, we offer a high-yield and a quick turn-around on our programming services. We supply a range of sectors, including automotive, industrial, telecoms and defence manufacturers and we support a range of package outlines, such as MicroControllers, Flash, EEPROM and PLD. Our strict ESD standards also protect devices from static damage.

Tape and Reel
Tape and reel services, use automated placement technology to package components accurately, using a delivery system that is consistent and that protects the leads from damage. Here, the components are placed in pockets and are embossed in a plastic carrier tape. A row of sprocket holes is provided along one edge of the embossed tape to facilitate positive indexing. The tape is wound onto a rigid plastic reel, which are kept dust-free. ChipTech also provides a complete range of sealing options, with the capability of using both heat and pressure seals. For assistance in selecting the best option for your device type, please contact our sales team.

PCB Assembly and Rework
ChipTech also works with design teams in Ireland and Europe in the development of prototype devices. Through the use of fine pitch tooling, we can mount electronic components onto PCB’s, helping engineers take their ideas from concept to a fully functional prototype design. In today's technology driven environment, device and component types are changing all the time. We work closely with our clients to assess the needs of each individual project and we build PCB’s to the standard they require. Finally, we test the boards to ensure each one is working effectively and reliably.

Additional Services
In addition to these services, ChipTech also provides equipment calibration, preventative maintenance and maintenance contracts, mechanical assembly, static and dynamic burn-in, retrofitting of burn-in systems, solderability testing, stabilisation baking, repair and troubleshooting and the sale of spare parts. For further details on these services or any of those listed above, please contact our sales team.

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